About Us

Bayofafrica is your premier choice for a variety of products. We ensure that the quality and craftsmanship of our products is of the highest of levels. We also have a wide range of products to suit everyone for all your special moments from earrings to rings bracelets, handmade costume jewellery and much more all for amazing affordable price.

The latest and most desired designs from around the globe.

Our buyers scour the best factories and tradeshows around the world to find the most exciting products.

Price is right.

Choice, value and quality are the core of what do in our aim to give you more bang for your buck. We offer deep savings so you get a thousand rands worth for just a quarter of the price.

Quality Assurance for your peace of mind.

Our quality assurance team ensures that every product we have on our site is 100% hypoallergenic with regards to our jewellery, they also ensure that all our other products have the best quality standard giving you the peace of mind when you buy from Bayofafrica.